CRM Version


Release Date: March 22, 2024


  • Power Apps Parent Child Grid for Billing Contracts View Its now possible to see subscriptions related to a Billing contract on the default Billing Contracts screen without opening the Billing the Billing Contract.

  • Unified View for License Changes:
    Streamlined user experience by merging the "License Change Log" and "Scheduled License Change Log" pages into a single "License Change Log" tab within the subscription form. This eliminates the need to switch between pages for viewing both license changes and upcoming scheduled changes.

  • Get Started Streamlined:
    The Get Started page now directs you to License Registration if your Work365 license isn't set up yet.

Issue Fixes

  • Subscription Provisioning Time Zone:
    An issue has been resolved where subscription provisioning from the portal was using the portal user's time zone instead of the tenant's time zone. Now, any subscription changes made via the portal (with order source "Portal") will be applied or scheduled based on the tenant's time zone.
  • Improved Billing Accuracy for Deactivated Subscriptions:
    Remove active billing schedules when a subscription is deactivated for Item based contracts. Prevents lingering billing schedules from interfering with future billing