Version (Backend)


Release Date: March 22th, 2024

Issue Fixes

  • NetSuite Integration:We identified and fixed an issue that might have caused errors when connecting NetSuite to Work365. Your integrations should now function normally.
  • Manual Subscription Sync: An error message ("Object reference not set to an instance of an object") previously displayed when attempting to manually sync subscriptions. This issue has been resolved, and you can now sync subscriptions without encountering errors.
  • TechData Billing Type: When syncing reserved instances from TechData to Work365, subscriptions were incorrectly marked as "Usage" instead of the correct "License" billing type. This has been fixed, and future syncs will reflect the accurate billing type.
  • Subscription Status with Ingram Micro & Crayon: Cancelling a subscription within Ingram Micro or Crayon did not always update the status to "Deactivated" in Work365. This functionality has been improved, ensuring accurate subscription status updates going forward.