Version (Backend)

Change in Arrears Billing:

Selling price or cost price changes made prior to the invoicing process will be used during the billing process for Arrears Contracts.


  1. Contract Billing Cycle is 1st to 30th set to bill in Arrears
  2. Subscription Price and Cost on 1st is $10/month and $8/month
  3. Subscription Price and Cost is updated on 15th to $12/month and $9/month. The price and cost change made on the 15th would be effective for the invoice run for this cycle.

Note this change will not affect Advanced billing as invoices are generated at the start of the cycle where the price and cost change were not available at the time of the invoicing. Billing in Advance will continue to behave as it is now.

Bulk Invoicing

Bulk invoices do not create individual jobs for each Billing Contract. Generating invoicing in a batch will now appear on the Operations Page.