Known Issues for Version 4.1

Subscription Management

8147: Migrating a subscription to NCE does not respect start dates

After migrating subscription from legacy to NCE and uses the option to keep the cycle instead creating a new cycle. Then the but the commitment end date is still showing the dates from legacy subs

Workaround Update the effective start date on the subscription to be the first date of the next cycle. As an example, the customer already paid through October 6th, 2022; so, update the date to be October 7th, 2022.

8207: Subscription sync only brings net changes

When a subscription is sync'ed from Partner Center, only net changes are brought over. Intermediate changes are not sync'ed to Work 365.

8206: LCL effective date is not in tenant's time zone

When the subscription change is provisioned back from Microsoft Partner Center, the LCL effective date is not set as per the tenant time zone.

8244: Commitment end date not populating correctly for NCE Subscription after migration

Subscription moved from legacy to NCE and selects the option to keep the billing cycle instead of creating new billing cycle. The system is updating commitment end date based on legacy subscription and not according to the new migrated NCE subscription.

WorkaroundUpdate the effective start date on the subscription to be the first date of the next cycle. As an example, the customer already paid through October 6th 2022, so please update the date to be October 7th 2023

8527: Term not updating on Subscription page after sync with MS PC

WorkaroundUpdate term manually on work 365 tenant. Please assess pricing during billing

8635: Subscriptions syncing with Qty 0

System is syncing subscriptions with qty 0
Let's say that there is active subscription Business Basic with 5 qty on MS PC. Work 365 system also sync new subscription with qty 0 and active status but different subscription ID. If subscriptions are deleted than they system sync them again. After few days system automatically changes the status to inactive for 0 qty subscription. This is doesn’t happen to all the subs only few subscriptions.
Workaround Delete the subscription after a few days and resync

8116:Duplicate Subscription ID from Synnex creating multiple LCL's after provisioning

When Synnex provider provisions Perpetual Licensing, they use the same subscription ID on few products in the order. Having the same subscription ID causes Work 365 to continuously overwrite the subscriptions it syncs down with that same subscription ID.
As a result, this generates a multiple license change logs.

6686: The indexation process is not supporting internationalization where the ‘.’ is replaced with a ‘,’ for percent value

Validation is not aware of the localized number format and not using the local settings of the user for currency during Indexation
Workaround Change the value to ‘,’ Example: Replace 3.0 with 3,1

Billing & Invoicing

7997: Tiered subscription causing invoice error

Generate Invoice popup not showing the billing cycles for monthly recurring Billing contract with Tiered based subscription and showing error "invalid input for billing cycle start date. [null].

8835: Trials conversions are not being billed correctly

After upgrading a trial subscription is created on the 1st of Jan - the trial finishes on 31st Jan and is converted to a regular subscription as of 1st Feb.
During the conversion, the effective date on the subscription is set as 1st Jan but the commitment end date on this subscription is set to end of Feb next year (assuming Annual commitment).
This leads to the Work 365 invoicing the customer for 13 months instead of 12. The effective date on the converted subscription should be the date on which the conversion occurred and not the original trial commencement date.

Accounting Connectors

Similar product names error while syncing invoices with QBO and QBD

QBD and QBO do not support products with similar Product Names . The Impact of the NCE SKU's will have the same name as legacy SKU's.

Recommendation It is advised to update the catalog in the accounting system. So that the legacy and NCE SKU's are unique with the product service. The product configuration setting for the product ID should be set to alternate ID .

Currency error while syncing invoice with QBO

Transactions can have only one foreign currency at a time. This error occurs, when an Invoice is trying to sync to QuickBooks Online from Work365, and the Account has different currencies assigned in QuickBooks Online and Work365.
Account currencies must match between QuickBooks Online and Work365 Invoice if multi-currency is enabled in QuickBooks Online.
Recommendation Account currency can't be changed in QuickBooks Online once saved. So, a new Account will need to be created in QuickBooks Online with the desired currency and then sync related invoices there.


7939: Inactive the License change log can't be pushed over to ConnectWise

When an licence change log is pushed for a deactivated subscription and billing contracts in Work 365 the page will errors out with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" message"