Modify License Names List for Manage Licenses Page

This article provides the steps to modify licenses names from Manage Licenses page


Performing this task will require the following:

  • Portal owner privileges

Time required

This configuration process is expected to take 10 minutes.

Additional Notes


Don't forget to clear Self-Service Portal cache to see this change displayed immediatly


  1. Log in to your Dynamics 365 environment and click the 'App' icon in the top-left corner beside Dynamics 365
  1. Click on 'Portal Management'
  1. On the left-hand menu, click 'Web Files'
  1. Search and Open 'Work 365 - Licenses Name List'
  1. Click on 'Notes'
  1. Download the latest file available in the attachment with name 'licensesNameList.json'
  1. Open the file with a Notepad (or any other text editor) and replace the information inside as you desire without changing the structure.
  1. Save your file on your desktop and upload it to the Self-Service Portal by clicking on the Attachement Icon
  1. Click 'Add Note'


Your Names on Manage Licenses Pages have been updated