Setting up this Provider is only applicable to Partners whose provider is TechData.

Note: You will need to submit the following information in order to set up the TechData Provider:

  1. Submit the following email request to [email protected], and [email protected]:

We would like to request SDK access to the CSP API to be enabled for our tenant with TechData. Please submit a ticket for the secrest (Client_Id, Client_Secret and SOIN). Here are the SDK information details for this request.

  • Company Name: [Answer Here]
  • Stream One ID (Tech Data account number): [Answer Here]
  • Technical Project Manager & E-mail (Internal company contact & email): [Answer Here]
  • Local Tech Data Contact & E-mail: [Answer Here]
  • Vendors you intend to implement: [Answer Here]
  • What is your goal with this integration? Integrate TechData with Work 365 for automatic subscription provisioning, and subscription management.
  • Will the project include an Ecommerce Site or ERP System? Please provide references. No

Which API End Point are you looking to connect? Please enable the following SDKs:

  1. Once this email is received by the API team, a ticked will be created for the SDK request.
  2. The API team will require a SDK License Terms document be signed.
  3. After the SDK request is approved, TechData will create the credentials for:
    • SOIN, Client ID, and Client Secret

Prerequisites for the Work 365 TechData Provider:

  1. Set up the Tech Data Provider: Go to Work 365 ➤ Provider ➤ +New
  • Add the name
  • Internal Name: Providers.TechDataCspProvider
  • Add User Name: Client ID
  • Add Password: Client Secret
  • End Point URL
  1. Under Additional Properties:
    • TechData SOIN
    • Currency Code
    • API End Point URL
    • Add the TechData Reseller Relationship URL
  2. Save

  1. Hit the Work 365 button dropdown ➤ Verify Connectivity
  2. Once verified ➤ Follow these instructions on setting up new clients within the TechData portal.