Company Logo and Banner

This article provides the steps to customize your Self-Service Portal Company Logo and Banner


Performing this cutomization will require the following:

  • User with System Admin or System Customizer privieges on tenant

Time required

This cutomization process is expected to take 15 minutes

Additional Notes

The same steps apply if you want to change your company logo or banner image.


This process works only if you have installed the Work 365 Self-Service Portal solution


  1. Log in to your Dynamics 365 environment and click the 'App' icon in the top-left corner beside Dynamics 365
  1. Click on 'Portal Management'
  1. On the left-hand menu, click 'Web Files'
  1. Click on Filter by keyword located at the top-right corner and look for 'Your company logo' or 'Your Banner Name' and click on it. (If you don't remember the name it should be the same as the file you previously uploaded when you configure the portal the first time)
  1. Make sure you have selected the correct file by checking the Website field. It should match your Self-Service Portal's name. Then click Notes
  1. Click on the Clipboard located at the right side of the page
  1. A pop-up window will appear. Locate your banner file in your system directory and click 'Open'
  1. Click 'Add note' and save the file.
  1. To update the company logo, start at step 3 and follow the same procedure using the logo's name


Remember it could take a few minutes to be displayed in your Self-Service Portal


Your Logo/Banner has been successfully updated