Security Roles

When you initially set up the portal, to enable self-service for a customer, security web roles must be assigned to the customer’s contact record in CRM.

Customer web roles

A default web role for all contacts accessing the portal is the Authenticated User which enables a user to access any information within the portal. To control which Work 365 entities a customer is able to access, assign the appropriate Work 365 customer web roles.

List of portal web roles: Go to CRM ➤ Portals ➤ Web Roles

  • Work365 Administrator: has access to all Work 365 menu items

  • Work365 Subscription Manager: has access to Work 365 subscription license and usage data

  • Work365 Finance Manager: has access to Work 365 invoices and payment profiles

Applying web roles to a CRM contact record

  • Going to the customer contact entity in CRM
  • Open Related Records
  • Click Web Roles
  • Add Existing Web Role
  • Select the applicable Work 365 role for the contact

If a customer is new to your portal

• Follow the steps detailed here on sending customer invitations to the self service portal.
• Then follow the steps detailed above to add the web role on the customer contact entity.