This article will help you on how to upgrade your Self-Service Portal to the latest version available


This article describes the process of upgrading the Work 365 portal solution.

Upgrading Pre-requisites:

  • In order to import the latest version of the self-service portal solution, the latest version of the core Work 365 solution must already be implemented.
  • For details on upgrading the core Work 365 solution see Upgrade Work 365.
  • Ensure the Work 365 application user has the recommended security roles assigned
  • The user completing the upgrade has System Administrator permissions in Dynamics.

Completing the Upgrade via the Onboarding App

Depending on the environment users can either upgrade the portal via the onboarding app, or manually by following the instructions further below. It is recommended to upgrade using the onboarding app if it’s available for the tenant. Upgrading Work 365 via the onboarding app is currently not available for:

  • Customers hosted in the EU datacenter for Work 365
  • Customers hosted on their own private infrastructure of Work 365

Completing the upgrade via the onboarding app requires a user with System Administrator permissions in Dynamics. The Work 365 portal solution upgrade takes about 10-15min. The upgrade will slow down the Dynamics instance, and it may cause temporary service interruptions on the self service portal, thus it’s generally recommended the upgrade be completed outside production hours.

  • Go to https://go.work365apps.com
  • On the Setup & Install tab select the upgrade operation for the self service portal
  • Override customizations if it is suggested by the Work 365 support team. Otherwise it’s generally not recommended.
  • Hit the complete button
  • View the logs until completion. Ensure the logs say the portal initialization process is completed successfully.
  • Note to not close the page but it can be minimized while user conducts other business.

These steps are also available in the below video guide:

Completing the Upgrade Manually in Dynamics

  • To download the Work 365 Portal solution go to: Work 365 > Administration > Help & About > click the download link available in the Useful Links Area of the Application

  • Go to CRM Settings ➤ Solutions ➤ Import self-service portal solution file
  • After installing the Work 365 Self-Service Portal, the initialization process for the portal must be completed
  • Open the Work 365 Self Service Portal solution
  • A pop- up window will open. Click on the ‘Initialize Portal’.

  • Another pop-up window will open. Select the Self service portal. Click on ‘Proceed’. The portal will be initialized after this process.

  • The following success message will appear after the portal is initialized successfully. Ensure the initialization process is successful, and does not fail. If the portal initialization fails, please reach out to [email protected]