Provisioning is the process of enabling a service.

Provisioning requests can be made one of the following ways.

  1. An end user requests a change through a Self-Service Portal
  2. An internal user Makes a change in the Provider system
  3. An internal user makes a change to a Subscription from Within Work 365.

The behavior of the provisioning process is based on the type of Provider and its Capabilities.

Configuring a Provider in Work 365

To see and configure providers in Work 365 go to: Work 365 Administration > Admin Hub > Integrations Tab > Filter by Provider Integrations.

As described in the video the integrations can be used to setup various Provider types.

Automatic Provider will require additional Advanced Configuration settings and coordination with the provider to complete the setup.

Provisioning can happen in the following ways:

  1. Once the Provider is setup in the Integrations Area, Products in the catalog can updated to use the specific Provider.
  2. The Provider specified on the Subscription will confirm the provisioning behavior.
  3. The Provider can also be configured on a Product in the Product Catalog. When a new Subscription is created with this Product the provisioning behavior follows that of the type of Provider that was selected.