Upgrade Work 365


Make sure to select if the correct Data Center of you application. If you have any questions contact us at [email protected]


The Upgrade Process involves the following steps that are automated through the Go App

US Data Center:


EU Data Center:


  1. Step 1: Upgrading the Dynamics Power Apps application with new fields, and code (called the CRM Solution)
  2. Step 2: Data or Configuration updates to support any changes in application behavior and new fields that may have been introduced (this is done through an automatic process called "Upgrade")
  3. Step 3: Upgrades to the backend Infrastructure and applications (Work 365 SaaS)

Customers may be using one of the following deployments:

  1. US Data Centers - Supported through the Go App(Onboarding App) and Manual Process
  2. EU Data Centers - Use the Manual Process
  3. Private Hosting - Use the Manual Process

Upgrade Pre-requisites:

  1. Run the license change log mismatch report. Resolve any mismatches that appear for active subscriptions.
  2. Ensure the Work 365 application user has the recommended security roles assigned- Work 365 Service.
  3. The user completing the upgrade has System Administrator permissions in Dynamics.

Completing the Upgrade via the Onboarding App

Depending on the environment users can either upgrade via the onboarding app, or manually by following the instructions further below. It is recommended to upgrade using the onboarding app if it’s available for the tenant. Upgrading Work 365 via the onboarding app is currently not available for:


Completing the upgrade via the onboarding app requires a user with System Administrator permissions in Dynamics.

The upgrade takes about 30-40min. The upgrade will slow down the Dynamics instance, thus it’s generally recommended the upgrade be completed outside production hours.

  1. Go to go.work365apps.com
  2. On the Setup & Install tab select the upgrade operation for the core app
    Override customizations if it is suggested by the Work 365 support team.
  3. Otherwise, it’s generally not recommended.
  4. Hit the complete button
  5. View the logs until completion
  6. Note to not close the page but it can be minimized while user conducts other business.

These steps are also available in the below video guide:

Completing the Upgrade Manually in Dynamics


Please note that these steps MUST be executed by a user with System Administrator privileges in Dynamics 365.

  1. To download the latest version of Work 365: Under the Administration Menu > Help & About page, click the download link.
  2. Ensure that the CRM language is set to the default CRM language of the system. Importing of a CRM solution must be completed with the language settings in the default CRM language.
  3. You need to look for the solutions in your CRM Advanced settings located at the top right corner.
  1. Click on the dropdown beside settings.

  2. Click on solutions.

  3. Look for the Work 365 solution and click on it.

  4. Click on the Import button

  5. Select the latest Work 365 solution file

  6. Complete the solution import process.

  7. When prompted, ensure that these options are selected

  8. Upgrade

  9. Maintain Customizations

  1. Click Next and complete the installation process. This may take a while and some browsers may not show a progress indicator.
  1. After the green progress bar of the solution import has disappeared and it looks like the import is finished, go to the solutions > settings page to confirm if the upgrade solution has merged with the core solution.
  2. If the “upgrade” solution is still visible, wait until it disappears and the core solution shows the updated version. This is a CRM process that needs to be completed. Note that it can take some time for CRM to complete this process.

  1. Once the installation process is completed, the core solution shows the new version of the
    upgrade button on the solution file must be completed.


VERY IMPORTANT: Then click the Upgrade button visible on the Solution

This page will confirm the email which will be notified when the upgrade has been completed. Then hit Begin Upgrade which will start the upgrade process.

  1. Once this screen has arrived go ahead and close the window.

  1. This is the email notification that will be sent confirming the upgrade process has been completed.


Congratulations! The Work 365 upgrade process was completed successfully!