Version (Backend)


Release date: June 25th, 2023


  • Microsoft Partner Center Connector:
    Updated Azure specialization on the Integration connector page.
  • Self Service Portal
    • Improved handling of QRB (Quantity reduction behaviour ) content snippets .
      If blank, it will not display any error related to QRB on the subscription edit screen for the customer. If the snippets contain a value, the respective message will be shown on the portal.
    • After the initialization or upgrade process, menu item customizations will not be overwritten. Note that to see this change, the portal needs to be initialized. If the user has already customized the primary navigation, there may be new navigation links created. In such cases, the old navigation link should be deleted, and the new ones can be modified. This feature works with the Self-Service portal version and above.

Issue Fixes

  • Unable to provision account due to error related to phone number
  • ConnectWise issues
  • Unable to provision azure plan from Microsoft Partner Center.
  • Unable to send emails