CRM Version


Release Date: June 1st, 2023

New Features

  • Enhancements on Billing Contracts and Subscriptions to to incorporate discounts in the calculation of financial fields, offering a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of your subscriptions and contracts.
    • New Fields
      • Revenue Section of the Billing Contract
        • MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
        • ACV (Annual Contract Value)
      • Financials section of the Subscription
        • Monthly Revenue
        • Monthly Cost
        • Monthly Gross Margin
        • Gross Margin %
          (Note: As part of the upgrade process, all existing Subscriptions will have the above fields calculated automatically.)
    • Deprecated Fields
      • Monthly Revenue Field on Subscription
      • MRR on Billing contract
      • ACV on Billing Contract
        (Note: The deprecated old fields are still available in the backend, ensuring compatibility for generating existing reports without any impact)
    • ACV and MRR Value Updates
      • To simplify the process of updating ACV and MRR values, a new job has been introduced.
      • A new button labeled 'Update Metrics' has been added to the Billing Contract , enabling users to easily trigger the field value update.
  • ConnectWise Enhancements
    • Enhanced search for the records like Products, Customer and Agreements
    • Live search added for the Product, Customer and Agreements.
    • New Invoices tab, which will list all the not synced invoice line items with ConnectWise
    • Connector will show the category and subcategory automatically based on selection.
    • Preference for Sales Unit in Connector and product prices will sync for Sales Units based on the preference
  • New fields on Invoice line Items
    • PSA System Id
    • Name in PSA System
    • PSA System Last Synced On
    • PSA System Connector


  • Updated translations for Spanish
  • New columns Selling Price Per Unit and Sales Unit in Active Subscriptions view.
    This will also be visible under the Subscriptions sub grid of billing contract form.

Issue Fixes

  • Payment profiles not activating automatically for Authorize. Net
  • Error while doing verify connectivity with GoCardless
  • Refund on Deactivation value not showing on SLCL
    Note: when user tries to deactivate the subscription from the 'Deactivate' popup, Refund on Deactivation field shows up on the form for fraction for seconds. (This is known issue)

Refer Upgrade guide