Quick Start Setup

Begin Installation of Work 365 in your Dynamics 365 tenant

Step 1: Install Work 365 into your Dynamics CRM instance through the Onboarding App. You will need to be a System Administrator for this step to install Work 365.

Step 2: Review Application Settings under the Admin Hub. Application settings

Step 3: Update your Product Catalog and setup Price Lists for the new Products. And be sure to define your pricing in the pricelist using the new Subscription Revenue Unit Group with Monthly, Quarterly and Annual pricing Subscription Units

Step 4: Create new Billing Contracts (with dates and billing settings you need)

Step 5: Add Subscriptions to the Billing Contracts using the Products already in the catalog.


You can start generating Invoices

Work 365 needs permissions to run the integration and invoicing processes for the data in your Dynamics CRM instance. Work 365 Permissions for Azure Active Directory

Setup Integrations

Additional Setup Items

If you have existing Subscription and Billing Data - you will need to import that into the system either through

  1. Excel Imports
  2. Direct Integrations with Providers (like Microsoft Partner Center)


Work 365 can automate "Jobs" for scheduled tasks like invoicing. The jobs are enabled through a discussion with your Customer Success Manager.