Accounting Systems

Work 365 Integration with Accounting systems:

Work 365 has out of the box integration with various Accounting Systems.

Notes about Work 365 Integration Connectors to Accounting Systems

  • Its common to have multiple accounting System connectors for companies that are using one centralized CRM system and have multiple businesses that need to integrate customers and invoices into different accounting systems.
  • The Integrations follow a similar integration model for all Connectors.
    • Accounts, Products and Invoices are integrated between Work 365 and the Accounting System
  • Work 365 is not a Synchronization tool to keep the data in both systems in synch. The integration in Work 365 is used to integrate billing/invoices into the Accounting system for financial reporting
  • Since Work 365 is built on PowerPlatform, its possible to use the Dataverse and exports to extract out Work Invoicing data and import it into an accounting system.
  • Invoices status reason changes to Billed once it is synced into the Accounting System
  • Invoices can be automatically synced into the Accounting System with Billing Automation feature turned on for Auto-Sync on the Billing Contract