Subscription Units

During the initial setup the first install of Work 365 will automatically create the following default sales units:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually
  • Triennial

These units are leveraged on subscriptions, license change logs, and the invoicing process when the system calculates pricing on invoices which are generated in Work 365 Units for Subscription Billing


Units in the product catalog determine the pricing for Commitment Term on a Subscription.

To manage these units go to Work 365 > Administration > Application Settings > General section > Unit Mapping

The unit mapping on this page does support multiple units to be selected under the same mapping. For Example: The following units may all be configured in Dynamics with a value of one, which means they can all be selected on the Monthly unit mapping of this page.

  • Monthly
  • Per User
  • Each


Incorrect or incomplete unit mapping will result in Billing and provisioning errors