CRM Version


Release Date: June 24th, 2023

New Features:

  • Introducing new fields for analyzing cost from Subscriptions and Billing Contracts :
    • [Billing Contracts](This is calculation of Sum of active subscription of the Billing Contract. This is updated by using the 'Update Metrics' button or via the job.)
      • Annual Contract Cost (ACC)
      • Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC)
    • Subscription
      • Cost
      • Non Recurring Revenue
        Note: These new fields will appear when the sales unit is set for non-recurring items. This mapping can be configured in the admin hub.
    • Non Recurring Items
    • Total Cost
    • Total Revenue

Issue Fixes

  • Non-Recurring Item form now supports only the sales unit that is mapped for non-recurring items in the configuration.
  • Monthly revenue and monthly cost will now be correctly calculated for tiered subscriptions.