There are multiple Types of Subscriptions that are supported through Work 365


A Subscription is a Product or Service that is ongoing in nature

There are 4 Types of subscriptions in Work 365:

  • License-Based Subscription- Billing will use Qty, Sales Unit and Selling Price
  • Service-Based Subscription(Deprecated)- Works like License Based Subscription but is a way to differentiate between the two.
  • Usage-Based Subscription- Billing will use the reported Usage
  • Tiered-Based Subscription

Subscriptions are Associated with a Customer and a Billing Contract.

  • A Subscription can be marked a Billable or a Non-Billable subscription.
  • A Billable Subscription will appear on the Invoice as a line item
  • A subscription can have child subscriptions and a Subscription can have Add-On Subscriptions.
  • Subscription are associated with a Provider
ActiveIndicates the subscriptions is in active status
InactiveIt means the subscription is deactivated
CancelledThe subscription has been terminated
SuspendedThe subscription has been paused
ExpiredThe subscription has reached its end date and is not renewed

//Todo Add a table for Subscription Statuses

//Todo add information relationship with Billing including LCL and Billing Contract. e.g. Subscription is only the current snapshot