Manage Licenses - Self-Service Portal

This article will help you navigate and understand all the features and options available on Manage Licenses page on the Self-Service Portal

Access Level Required

In order to access this page, you will need to have one of the following roles:

  • Work 365 Administrator
  • Work365 Subscription Manager

Additional Notes

This section is designed for Users with Administrator privileges on tenant. While other users will still be able to access and view the information, they will not have the ability to make changes.


This feature is designed to help you easily manage the licenses associated with your account, ensuring that you have the necessary number of licenses for your needs and that you can make changes as needed. It also allows you to have control over the number of licenses you have and manage them effectively.

Manage Licenses Details

It also allows you to have a better understanding of the licenses you have and manage them more effectively.

  1. Name: The name of the license, e.g. "Visio Pro Online"
  2. Available quantity: The number of licenses available in your account for the specific license.
  3. Manage License: A button or link that allows you to manage the specific license, for example, adding more quantity, updating the license or remove it from the account.

Manage License

This feature enables you to search for users by name, view all users with the selected license active, and access the user's email address and department information. It makes it easy to find and manage the users within your organization