Schedule License Change

Scheduling a Change to Subscription in the future

Scheduled license change logs (SLCL) can be created when there is a subscription update event scheduled to happen in the future.

  • These can be scheduled events for quantity or price changes.
  • Scheduled Changes can be performed through the Application
  • Scheduled Changes can be setup through the portal by an end-customer when they request a change in the future.

For example, one can schedule a future subscription quantity update or schedule the deactivation of a subscription. Here is a guide on how to create scheduled license change logs.

Creating the scheduled change logs with a future effective date, or a future price changes, will result in the SLCL having a “Pending” status reason. The change itself will be applied on the effective date for which it is scheduled. When that date arrives, the following steps will occur automatically:

  • The Work 365 scheduled job linked to the scheduled change log record will update the subscription and apply the changes (related to price and/or quantity)
  • Once the subscription is updated the scheduled lcl status reason will become archived automatically, and the job will be completed.
  • When the subscription is updated a License Change Logs will be created showing the effective change that was made.
  • A quantity update event will result in a standard license change log
  • A price update event will result in an “audit” license change log.
  • A quantity update event which also contains a price update even will result in a standard license change log.


Scheduled license changelogs (SLCL) that have been invoiced and marked as archived will merge with the subscription and apply the updates as detailed in the scheduled license changelog.

Here is an example SLCL in a Pending status.


Scheduled Changes that are effective in billing cycle will be incorporated into Billing logic even though the change is in the future

If a Scheduled change is effective Dec 15th, and an invoice is generated for an Billing Schedule for 1st December to 31st December the future change will be included in the billing cycle.