Product Pricing

Updating Pricing and Price Lists

Use this feature to:

  1. Create Price List Items for these Products
  2. Identify Price changes on Products in the Catalog

The product pricing page will show all products from the favorites list. When adding pricing for new SKU, hit the Show All drop down on the top left, and select New. This will show skus which have recently been added to the favorites list, and has not yet been pushed to the product catalog.

If preferred users can also further apply filtering by Product Family.

If both the New filter and Product Family filter are applied, only new skus within that family will be listed

Users can search product by Provider Part Number

Adding pricing to these skus can be done in two different ways: individually per sku or in bulk.
To bulk create price list items for all products listed select the first blue square on the top right of the page “Add price list item”.

If not all pricing needs to be added to the skus listed, even with the additional filtering, feel free to specifically select the skus which require the pricing, and then hit the Add Price List Item button. This will then only add pricing specifically for the skus preselected.

Select a price list
Note: Pricing will be based on segmented price lists (commercial, non-profit, education, government). Thus when selecting the price list, if for example the “Commercial” price list is selected, the system will not be adding any prices to the “non-profit” price list. To add non-profit pricing then the same steps will need to be followed again, but the next time one would select the “non-profit” price list.

Select the Market:
Note: if adding pricing to legacy skus do not select market.

If adding pricing for NCE skus, filter the product family by O365 NCE, as shown in this example, select both the price list and market, and then hit +Add.
Therefore adding pricing for legacy skus and for NCE skus would need to be taken in different steps by first filtering the product family, and then bulk adding the pricing.

Once added all the pricing will be added only to the price list selected (based on segment and market). The pricing will be based on Microsoft’s price list.

Price list items can also be added on a per product basis by selecting +Add Row under the product line as shown below. When adding a specific row to a product, select the price list, market (NCE only), and preferred unit.
(Note, when switching from a monthly to annual sales unit, the system will automatically calculate the new cost price.)
If the product is legacy do not add market.

Then define either a markup % or a selling price. Whatever field is populated first (markup % or selling price), the system will auto-calculate the other field.

Note: there can be multiple price list items for the same product which have different price lists, currencies, and units. See Product Catalog Q&A for details.
Then hit add.
Once all the products and price list items are added hit Create in the bottom right corner

A popup screen will ask to confirm the applicable product updates. Hit Save.

Once saved, these products and price list items will be added to the product catalog in a Draft product status by default. Be sure to publish a product once it is ready for subscription creation. See Configuring the Product Catalog for details.
Refer to this article to automatically create products in an active status which requires updating a sales setting in Dynamics.
After the product is created, a success message will appear. Close the popup page

The product(s) should show a blue arrow on the right side. Click on the blue arrow on the right to navigate to the product directly in Dynamics.

Copy Product Name and Provider Part number

Copy product information by using the dedicated copy button