Calculation Based Subscription (Enterprise Plan)

A Subscription type which is based on pricing and quantity changes related to other subscriptions.


Billing and pricing management for Calculated Subscriptions is supported in the Enterprise Plan

Work 365 is integrated with the Product Catalog in Dynamics 365. This means that anytime a new subscription is created, looking up the product in the product field will then automatically populate the product details on the subscription.

  • Calculation Based Subscription are not allowed for user modification on the self-service portal.
  • This subscription cannot be provisioned. Provider will always be Do nothing provider
  • This is not a quantity-based subscription. Quantity will be always 1 and is not editable
  • User will have to specify calculation % value. Subscription will be charged based on this percentage value.
  • Selling Price and Cost Price will be updated based on the attached subscription.
    Therefore, when any subscription that is related to this subscription has a change of quantity or price or cost, this subscription's price and cost will be updated to reflect this.
  • Should always have associated subscriptions to reflect on Invoice
  • Calculated subscription will be included in the Invoice only if "Calculated subscription" feature is enabled.

Fields on Subscription form:

General Tab

Field NameDisplay NameDescription
work365_subscription_productProductIs a lookup field for products that have been added to the product catalog
work365_subscription_customerCustomerThe customer Account record the subscription is tied to
work365_subscription_billingcontractBilling ContractThe customer’s Billing Contract the subscription is tied to
work365_subscription_effectivestartdateEffective Start Datedate on which the subscription was created
work365_subscription_billablestatusBillable StatusDetermines if the subscription is billable on the invoice.
work365_subscription_subscriptionnameSubscription NameAppears on the Invoice for real products
work365_subscription_friendlynameFriendly NameAppears on the Invoice for write-in product. This is the name that appears on the Portal.
work365_subscription_providerProviderProvider through which a subscription is provisioned. See more on Work 365 Providers.
work365_subscription_subscriptionidSubscription IDSubscription ID
work365_subscription_manufacturerManufacturerManufacturer which created the subscription product
work365_subscription_deactivateonDeactivate OnWill deactivate the subscription when the date mentioned arrives. This creates a scheduled license change log to process the subscription deactivation even
work365_subscription_quantityQuantityLicense quantity for a subscription
transactioncurrencyidCurrencyThe sales currency in which the subscription will be invoiced. Default currency can be set on the product form. Specific currencies by region are defined on the product’s price list item
work365_subscription_sellingpriceperunitSelling Price Per UnitCustomer selling price per unit based on associated subscription
work365_subscription_revenueMonthly RevenueRevenue calculate on a monthly basis
work365_subscription_istaxableIs TaxableDetermines if the subscription is taxable in the invoice
work365_subscription_unitCommitment / TermTerm at which the subscription will be invoiced
i.e Monthly, Annual etc
work365_subscription_costpriceperunitCost Price Per UnitInternal cost price per unit. Used for Incentives and Profitability calculations in Reports.
work365_subscription_grossmarginpercentGross Margin %Calculates the margin between Selling Price Per Unit and Cost Price Per unit
work365_subscription_discountDiscount %Can enter a discount rate at the subscription level
work365_subscription_calculationCalculation %value at which associated subscriptions will cost

License Change Logs

This tab provides a list view of license changes which have occurred on the subscription. These licenses change logs are the audit history of changes made on the subscription (either quantity or price changes). They are also critical to the invoicing process in Work 365.

Scheduled Changes

This tab provides a list view of scheduled changes which have been created for the subscription. These are called scheduled license change logs (slcls). Slcls can be created for both quantity and price change events.


Field NameDisplay NameDescription
work365_subscription_psasystem_idPSA System IdPSA System Id
work365_subscription_psaautosyncPSA Auto Syncallows to auto sync
work365_subscription_psasystem_lastsyncedonPSA System Last Synced OnLast synced on date
work365_subscription_psasystem_nameinpsasystemName in PSA SystemSubscription name in PSA system
work365_subscription_psasystem_namePSA System ConnectorPSA connector name in Integerations


Field NameDisplay NameDescription
work365_subscription_incentiveownerIncentive OwnerRefers to a unique identifier or user that is associated to this subscription
work365_subscription_qtyreductionbehaviourQuantity Reduction BehaviorControls whether license reductions will be allowed, disallowed, or allowed within window. QRB setting is set as Allowed by default.
work365_subscription_exemptfromindexationExempt from IndexationSelect ‘Yes’ if the subscription is exempted from Price Indexation and select ‘No’ if it is. Go to the Price Indexation document for more information

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