Account Credit Hold

Work 365 leverages Dynamics CRM’s "Credit hold" field to control when subscriptions are provisioned or blocked if a customer’s Account is on credit hold.

This can be used to ensure payment is received from a customer before a subscription is provisioned for them.


If you are using Dynamics CRM’s credit hold functionality for other purposes do not to enable this feature for Work 365.

To enable or disable the Work 365 credit hold at a global level go to Work 365 Configuration and update “Enable Credit Hold” under the Provisioning section. Note, in order for credit hold to work for anyone customer, the configuration setting must be set to true.

By default, all Accounts will have the credit hold set to no and will not be changed automatically to yes when the global setting is enabled. To enable credit hold on a specific account, go to the account record and find “Credit Hold” under billing and update it from No to Yes (also vice versa to disable credit hold on an account).

Once an Account is on credit hold, any subscriptions set up for that customer will be blocked until the credit hold status is changed to No manually. For example, any new customers are recommended to be on credit hold until payment is received. The Provisioning process on onboarding a new customer should still be followed as far as:

  • Closing the opportunity and quote, and creating the sales order
  • Provisioning the account with an Automatic Provider whenever applicable
  • Setting up the customer’s Billing Contract(s)
  • Creating the Customer’s subscriptions

See Sales ProvisioningWorkflow for details on the Work 365 workflow of onboarding a new customer using the Quote-to-cash functionality.
See customer onboardingworkflow or the traditional, non-quote-to-cash provisioning functionality.

This way, an invoice is still generated automatically, but the subscription provisioning is blocked until payment is received from the customer. After payment is received, go to the Account form and update the Credit Hold Status to No. This will lift the credit hold, and all subscriptions created for the customer will automatically provision as determined by the Provider defined on the subscription form. See Providers for details.