Managing Provider Invoices


Provider invoices are Billing records from providers for services that are purchased from them.

Provider Invoices may sync automatically or Provider invoices can also be created manually for third-party vendors or distributors.

Provider Invoices can be found under the change area for Provider Management->Provider Invoices.

Provider Invoice Statuses

A provider invoice record in Work 365 can have the following statuses.

  1. Populating indicates that the import process is currently processing this record.
  2. Active indicates that the import process was completed successfully.

Provider Invoice Status Reason


In order for Azure consumption to be invoiced in Work 365, the Provider Invoice ‘status reason’ must be ‘Active’.

When provider invoices are created manually, the status reason defaults to Populating. This needs to be manually updated to Active for Work 365 to invoice usage consumption for manual usage subscriptions.

  1. Active indicates that the import process was completed successfully.

Inactive Statuses

There is only one inactive state (Error). This indicates that the provider invoice was not imported as there was an error during the import process or one or more validations failed. The provider invoice record will show the failure reasons.

Reasons why Provider Invoice import may fail

There are three reasons why a provider invoice import may fail.

Unresolved References

One or more records required on the provider invoice were not found in Work 365. The provider invoice record’s message will reflect this error. There will be a missing references file created in the Notes section that provides details on the missing references.

The warnings.csv file also contains missing data, but these references not essential for the import process to complete. However, all missing references in errors.csv must be resolved for the import process to complete.

For details on resolving reference errors please refer to Resolving Unresolved References.

Checksum Failed

Data is only imported if the totals of the usage and license summary matches the total in the header. If the data does not match, it will reject the invoice from the automatic provider as an error and it will attempt the sync again the next day.

As a best practice, if the difference listed in the message is less than 50 cents (in any currency), this difference can be overridden and the provider invoice can be manually synced to Work 365. See the section Manually Downloading a Provider Invoice of this document. However, if the difference from the total charges is significant, reach out to the provider concerning the missing data.

To gather more information about common scenarios please check this Article: Checksum Errors

Handling Provider Invoice Changes

An automatic provider sends the provider invoice with all the correct data and the sync is successful. Then, on a later date, the automatic provider reports a change on the invoice amount. Consider the scenario, for example:

  • 1st March: Provider Invoice D0010XYZ was imported successfully into Work 365 (Value $10,000).
  • 5th March: Provider reports invoice D0010XYZ has value $12,000

The change in the provider invoice does not update the total on the provider invoice in Work 365. Instead, an email notification is sent, and appropriate action must be taken.

Manually Downloading a Provider Invoice

To manually initiate the sync of the Provider Invoice, go to Work 365 ➤ Provider Invoices ➤ Sync Provider Invoice

Once the Provider is selected, a list of invoices from the Provider is populated in the Provider Invoice list. The status of the provider invoice in also reflected in this dropdown list.

Provider Invoices, currently Active in Work 365 cannot be downloaded. To re-download an Active Provider Invoice, you must first deactivate (recommended) or delete the Provider Invoice record.

Deactivating a Provider Invoice

There may be cases when an already successfully imported Provider Invoice must be re-sync’ed. Work 365 does not allow downloading of already Active Provider Invoices. In such cases, it may be necessary to deactivate or delete the Provider Invoice.


Work 365 will not allow deactivation of a Provider Invoice where the child records have been invoiced.

This reference (on the child records) must be removed before the Provider Invoice can be deactivated.

Provider Invoice Import Summary Notification

Work 365 will run a daily sync job to sync any eligible provider invoices from automatic providers. In addition to the daily sync, Work 365 will send a daily notification email indication which provider invoices failed, and which ones succeeded. This notification template can be edited by going to Work 365 ➤ Email templates. See Email Templates for reference.

The “To” field on this template must be set to recipient(s) that should receive this notification.