Change Log Invoices

The purpose of a Change Log invoices is to invoice changes to services(Subscriptions, NRIs or Services) in mid-cycle period. Change Log invoices can be scheduled Scheduled Jobs

Change Logs Invoice will include:

  1. Usage subscriptions: Include an confirmed unbilled usage data
  2. License or service subscriptions: The system will prorate the changes for the days to align with the Billing Contract cycle
  3. Non-Recurring Items
  4. Time billing: Any active billable and approved time logs will also be invoiced in a change log invoice.

If there are any prior missing billing schedules on the billing contract, and there are active billable license change logs from that time period, the system will not be able to generate a change log invoice.

The System will generate the Error message: One or more previous billing schedules have not been invoiced.

Please generate invoice for earlier schedules and retry. For more details on how to resolve this issue see this knowledge article “Change log invoice error of prior billing schedules not being invoiced.”

To Manually Generate a change log invoice

On the billing contract hit the Work 365 button drop down, and select generate invoice.

Once the invoice popup appears, select the change log invoice tab. Then select the date up through which all active billable data will be captured in the change log invoice. Then hit proceed.


The preview data for invoicing will change based on the selection for the Invoice Date.

The system will detect items to be billed based on the date selected for billing.

Once a Change Log invoice is created all associated License Change Logs will be marked as "Archived". A Change Log Invoice will mark all Active License Change Logs from Active to Archived


License Change Logs that are marked as Archived will not be processed for Change Log invoicing.

To exclude License Change Logs from being processed for Change Log Invoicing update the the LCL Status Reason as "Archived".

Only License Change Logs that have an Status Reason of Active are eligible for Change Log Billing.