Represents a step in the tiered pricing configuration.

A rate is attached to a tiered rate card and represents a step in the tiered pricing configuration.

Field Internal NameField TitleDescription
work365_tieredrateidEntity Primary Key
work365_tieredrate_nameNameName of the rate
work365_tieredrate_ratecardRate CardThe tiered rate card to which this rate is associated.
work365_tieredrate_uptoUptoThe inclusive upper limit on the quantity to which this step applies. The exclusive lower limit is the "Upto" of the previous rate in this collection.
work365_tieredrate_salespriceSales PriceThe sales price associated with this rate.
work365_tieredrate_costpriceCost PriceThe cost price associated with this rate.

Rate cards in a collection work are in ascending order sorted based on the Upto field with the Upto value of the current rate defining the exclusive lower limit of the next rate.

NameUptoLower Limit (inclusive)Upper Limit (inclusive)
Block 110010
Block 2151115
Block 3251625
Block 4502650

In case a subscription quantity does not match any rate, the default sales price on the rate-card will be applied.