Payment Transaction

Payment Transaction records are created when a Payment Transaction is processed through Work 365. Payment Transactions are automatically created.

Payment transactions Status reason :

Status ReasonDescription
PendingThese are E-Check payments that require approval or consent from the Customer. Please reach out to the customer so that the transaction goes through successfully
CancelledRepresents cancelled payment transactions
FailedRepresents failed payment transactions. This needs to be resolved with utmost priority, as this points towards a reduction in cash inflow. Open payment transaction and resolve the error based on the Transaction Result. This view should be clear at all times.
RefundedDisplays all the transactions that were refunded

Below are fields on Payment Transaction:

Field NameDisplay nameDescription
work365_paymenttransaction_nameNameThe name of the custom entity.
work365_paymenttransaction_paymentprofilePayment ProfilePayment Profile associated with the account
work365_paymenttransaction_invoiceInvoiceInvoice associate with the transaction
work365_paymenttransaction_transactionreferenceTransaction ReferenceTransaction reference number
work365_paymenttransaction_descriptionTransaction ResultTransaction response from the associated payment processor
work365_paymenttransactionidPayment TransactionUnique identifier for entity instances