Scheduled Jobs

Scheduled Jobs are backend Jobs setup for your Tenant to automate processes like Invoicing and Subscription Sync on a fixed-interval basis.

Please request the setup of your Scheduled jobs through your CSM. Scheduled Jobs are usually setup once your initial data load is complete and you ready to automate processes.

This page has following functionality :

  • List of scheduled jobs, schedule, time zone
  • Filter active and Inactive jobs
  • View status of Schedule Jobs
  • Last schedule and next schedule time
  • View history by clicking on the history icon
  • Enable and disable jobs via the toggle button
    Only Work365 Admin or System Administrator can perform this action.

Below is an example of what your Schedule Jobs could look like:

List of Jobs that you can have scheduled

Job NameDescriptionRecommended Schedule
Add Incentive PlanIf you are using Incentives for Sales Commission Calculations this job will create the Incentive PlansDaily
Auto Renew Billing ContractUpdates the Billing Contract status for renewals to manage the Auto-RenewDaily
Azure Threshold Violation AlertSends an Alert when the Azure threshold on usage subscription is breachedDaily
Generate Change Log Invoice - Annual ContractsGenerates a Change Log Invoice automatically for Annual ContractsWeekly or Monthly
Generate Change Log Invoice - Quarterly ContractsGenerates a Change Log Invoice automatically for Quarterly ContractsWeekly
Generate Change Log Invoice- Monthly ContractsGenerates a Change Log Invoice for Monthly ContractsKeep this Off
Generate Full Cycle Invoice - Annual ContractsGenerates a full cycle Invoice for Annual ContractsDaily
Generate Full Cycle Invoice - Monthly ContractsGenerates a full cycle Invoice for Monthly ContractsDaily
Generate Full Cycle Invoice - Quarterly ContractsGenerates a full cycle Invoice for Quarterly ContractsDaily
Process Incentive PayoutsGenerates the Incentive Payout RecordsDaily
Sync Daily Usage Data From Provider to TenantSyncs the daily (interim) data for Usage based subscriptionsDaily
Sync Subscriptions From Provider to TenantSyncs all Subscription Changes from Partner Center to Work 365Daily
Sync Subscriptions From Tenant to Provider - ManualSends Alerts for Manual Providers for Subscriptions Awaiting ProvisioningDaily
Sync Usage Data From Provider to TenantSyncs Usage from Provider to Tenant (used for Provider Invoice Sync and Azure usage)Daily
Update Metrics On Billing ContractThis job will update the metrics(ACV & MRR) on the billing contractsDaily
Update Payment Status of Invoice from Accounting SystemUpdates Payment status from Accounting System to Work 365 for Invoices that are marked as Paid in the Accounting SystemDaily

Invoicing Jobs

The default schedule for invoicing jobs is to run everyday at the start of the new day to complete all the invoicing that is due for that day. This process will identify all billing contracts that are eligible for billing for that day.


Schedule Jobs in Advance

It is possible to schedule Invoicing jobs to run in advance with an offset. e.g. Work 365 can be setup to create invoices for all Annual Billing contracts a 30 days in Advance.

Generating an invoice in advance means that any changes that take place after the invoice is generated will need to get captured either on the Change Log invoice or in the next billing cycle.