The Work 365 Crayon Integration enables Crayon portal, data, such as subscriptions, agreements to have a bi-directional sync with Work 365.


There are three main steps in setting up the integration with Crayon and Work 365

Step 1: Create the Integration user with the right permissions

Step 2: Collect the Integration information for the settings required in Work 365

Step 3: Creating the Provider Connection and entering the settings acquired in Step 2

Below are the steps to setup Crayon Integrations from Work 365:

Go to Work 365, “Administration” in the bottom-left menu. Next click on “Admin Hub” in the left menu.

  • Under “Configuration” at the top of the screen, click on the “Integrations” tab.
  • Look for Crayon under Provider Integrations section and click on Create

User will be redirected to Crayon integration page complete the details on the form as given below:

FieldSetting Value
NameCan identify Crayon
EnvironmentSelect Production. This setting has no effect and is reserved for future use.
UsernameUsername for Crayon CloudiQ portal
PasswordPassword for Crayon CloudiQ portal
Reconfirm passwordRetype the password as confirmation
Endpoint URL
Application IDGenerate from Crayon CloudiQ, under API Management
Application SecretFrGenerate from Crayon CloudiQ, under API Management
  • Save the connector
  • Go to Integrations and look for the Crayon provider integration added in above step, click on the gear icon and select edit
Provider SettingsValues
OrganizationThis value will automatically populate
Country CodeChoose Country Code (i.e United Stated)
Currency CodeChoose Currency applicable to Crayon

Click on Save.

  • Go back to connector >> Click on 'Verify Connectivity'

This will confirm if the connector is working


Crayon Integration is complete in Work 365

Sync Provider Accounts

'Sync Provider Accounts' will run the background job and sync the customer accounts from Crayon to tenant