Bulk Generate Invoice

Generate invoices in bulk

To bulk Generate invoices:

  • Select the billing contracts that you want to generate invoices for>Go to Work 365 dropdown>Generate Invoice

  • Generating invoices for more than 10 billing contracts at a time could take a significant amount or time or present a time-out error -Even if there was a message saying that invoice has been queued
  • If the billing contracts have too many subscriptions or a high volume of Azure usage, try to generate less than 10 at the same time
  • Starting the bulk generation of invoices is a manual step but there's an option to trigger automatic post invoicing tasks (sync, send, charge, etc)

  • In case that the selected billing cycle was already invoiced, there will be a message clarifying that. Once this has been flagged, a new option will be enabled to change the billing cycle or to replace the existing invoice

Please follow these tips and feel free to connect with Work 365 support if you have any other questions.