Product Service

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Work 365 Product Catalog Management Features

  • Multi-currency support
  • Dynamics CRM product catalog updates
  • Identify margins and pricing changes
  • Automate selling and cost price updates to products (available for Microsoft Direct CSP partners)
  • Automate selling and cost price updates to subscriptions (available to all providers and partner types)
  • Create bundles in the catalog

Benefits of Product Service

  • Streamline your
    • Sales and Quoting
    • Provision and
    • Billing Process
  • Discover new revenue and product opportunities
  • Easily manage subscription price updates based on renewal dates
  • The Work 365 Product Service is designed for Microsoft Direct CSP Partners to manage their CSP catalog in a streamlined and efficient way

Features of the Product Service:

  • Explore Microsoft CSP Product Catalog
  • Add and Manage new Products in your Product Catalog
  • Update existing Subscription Pricing
  • Identify Changes to Pricing in your catalog
  • Verify and Update Subscription pricing