Time Logs

These are the time entries users will create to log their hours against tasks while fulfilling a service. Time logs can be added either via the left navigation menu or directly within a service.


To submit time logs, users must have the Work 365 CS Representative security role enabled on their CRM user account.

Here is an example time log.

It is recommended to complete the following fields when creating a time log:

  • Service
    Automatically populated if the time log is created within the service
  • Resource
    The resource who completed the task
  • Task
    The task that was completed
  • Date
    Date when the task was complete
  • Billable
    Prepopulated if the task within the service is marked as billable.
  • Actual Time
    Total time spent on the task
  • Billable time
    Total billable time spent completing the task
  • External Comment
    Comment visible to the customer.
  • Depending on the invoice rollup selected on the service, the external comment will either be detailed on the invoice directly, or included in the attached CSV file listing the time log detail.
  • Invoice rollup
    • “No Grouping” selected on the service: will make the comment appear on the invoice directly
    • For Service, Role, Resource: The comments will be included in the external CSV file attached to the invoice in the timeline. Note this attachment will not be sent to the customer automatically, but it will be visible on the customer’s invoice inside the Self Service Portal.
  • Once a time log is added is must be submitted for approval.
  • To submit time on the service, navigate to time logs, select the log(s), and click "Submit".

  • To submit time from the time log view, go to time logs in the left navigation menu, select the log(s), and click "Submit".


Only approved time entries by a designated manager.are eligible for billing.

Time Logs Approval

  • Managers responsible for approving time must possess the Work 365 CS Manager security role.
  • To approve time entries, navigate to the time logs section, select the relevant log(s), and proceed to approve them.
  • If an entry is not suitable for approval, managers also have the option to reject it.


Once time logs are submitted for approval, they are eligible for billing.