Move Subscription

Move subscription functionality allows to transition subscriptions from existing billing contracts to another billing contract of the account.

Currently transition subscriptions from Recurring (Advanced) billing contract to Item based billing contract ( Advanced) is supported.

  • Target Billing Contract: Active Item based billing contract where active subscription will be moved
  • Apply On: Date when subscriptions should be moved. Subscriptions can be moved for current date or for future date.
  • Name: Subscription Name
  • Product Name: Product Name in subscription
  • Effective Date: Effective date of the subscription
  • Quantity: Subscription quantity
  • Term: Subscription term
  • Frequency: Subscription frequency

In order to complete the move subscription process previous schedules of the current billing contract and schedules before AsOnDate should be billed. If any subscription's pending SLCL and LCL's are not invoiced before move process system will not complete the process.

After selecting 'Next' the system will show how charge or refund for the subscription will be adjusted by creating a new NRI the adjustment calculations.