Subscription Pricing

Subscription pricing page shows subscriptions whose pricing needs to be updated based on price changes in the Product Catalogand commitment end date. This functionality supports updating the records in bulk.

Subscriptions are organized by their associated product Page filters. The page shows the subscriptions and compare them to products. Highlighted subscriptions indicate subscriptions with pricing discrepancies with the catalog.

Subscriptions with differences in selling price or cost price to the product prices will be highlighted.


  • Product: List of active products
  • Customer: List of active accounts
  • Billing contract: Active Billing Contracts
  • Currency: Currency supported in the tenant
  • Price list: Active price list associated with the product
  • Commitment end date: Subscription with specific Commitment End Date

Record Table

  • Subscription: Subscription Name
  • Customer: Account name
  • Billing contract: Associated billing contract
  • Commitment End Date: Subscription's Commitment End Date
  • Currency: Currency on the subscription
  • Sales Unit: Sales unit on the subscription
  • Current PL: Current price List
  • Current Selling price: Selling price on subscription
  • Current CP: Cost price on the subscription
  • Updated SP: New Selling price update for the product
  • Updated CP: New cost price update for the product

Bulk Update Subscription prices

Subscriptions can be updated in bulk by simply clicking on the checkboxes on the left.
When subscriptions are updated in bulk

Confirm Changes

Price updates can be saved via Proceed button on bottom left corner.

Commitment End Date confirmation

Confirmation Popup

  • Selling price: Update Selling price
  • Cost price: Update Cost price
  • Both: Update Selling Price and Cost price
  • Override Effective Date : Defining this date will override the date set on the Effective Date field on the Subscription Pricing page
  • Update pricing on Unbilled License Change Logs New pricing will be updated on unbilled Active License Change Logs of the selected subscriptions

Once the price is updated either a regular Audit price update LCL is created, or an SLCL.


Tenant must have 'Product Service' feature enabled.

User with Work 365 Admin or System Administrator security roles can access the page