Pausing a Subscription

Work 365 supports both pausing and deactivating a subscription. There is a difference between pausing and deactivating a subscription.

Deactivating will result in the subscription becoming inactive and all services are terminated. Billing will not continue for inactive subscriptions.

Click the following link on how to deactivate a subscription.

Pausing a Subscription

This will result in the subscription being suspended with services temporarily halted.

The following are the results of a subscription being paused:

  • The subscription will remain active through, and will continue to be billed.
  • Quantity changes to the subscription will not be allowed.


The benefit of pausing a subscription gives a provider more control over collecting the payment. Instead of continuing services without payment, this enables a provider to temporarily pause a subscription without providing services in order to collect payment from a customer.

Steps to Pause a subscription:

Step 1: On the subscription record, click on the Work 365 Pause button

Step 2 :A confirmation message will appear. Hit Okay

The subscription will be marked as suspended but it will continue to be billed

Resuming the subscription

To Resume a subscription: this will update the subscription status as active again so the license quantity can be changed.

Click on the Resume button