Provisioning Events

Provisioning step will result in a Billing event through the creation of a License Change Log.

Provisioning can be represented with the following events:

  • Create Event: Indicates that a new subscription is created
  • Activate Event: Indicates an activate event where a subscription which is currently inactive will become reactivated on a future date.
  • Deactivate Event: Indicates deactivation for the subscription
  • Update Event: Indicates that the subscription is updated
  • Pause Event: This will result in the subscription being suspended with services temporarily halted. The subscription will remain active, and will continue to be billed. Quantity changes to the subscription will not be allowed. Refer Pausing a Subscription
  • Resume Event: This is when there is an active subscription which has recently been “Resumed” to reactivate the subscription so that that license changes can be made. Refer to Pausing a Subscription. Refer Pausing a Subscription