Payments Dashboard

This dashboard provides both insights, as well as action items related to collecting payments on invoices.

Failed Payment transactions

Displays a list of payment transactions that have failed. This needs to be resolved with utmost priority, as this points towards a reduction in cash inflow. Open each payment transaction and resolve the error based on the Transaction Result. This view should be clear at all times.

Pending Payment transactions

These are E-Check payments that require approval or consent from the Customer. Please reach out to the customer so that the transaction goes through successfully.

Failed Payment transactions by customer

This is a visual representation of the failed payment transactions filtered by customer, that also includes the count, so that partners can prioritize the customer they want to reach out to first.

Successful payment transactions

This lists all the payments that have been successful. There is no further action required for the items listed here.

Refunded or canceled payment transactions

This displays all the transactions that were refunded or canceled. For more information on Refunds go to Managing Refunds.