FAQ-Support and Post Go-Live

Q: What kind of support can I expect after going live ?
A: After you go live with Work 365, you will have the following resources:

  • Access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Access to our "Office Hours" for real-time assistance,
  • Weekly training sessions which we call "Master Class" to enhance your team's skills
  • Additionally you can access email based technical support using our support alias.

Q: What is included with my subscription?
A: Along with the support options listed above you will receive- Enhancements to features, Bug Fixes, And access to new features available in your plan. Work 365 reserves the right to make plan and feature modifications.

Q: What are your standard business hours?
A: We operate on Eastern Time and we are available and at your service between 8am and 5pm eastern.

Q: Do you provide phone support?
A: We do not provide phone support. Please reach us via email, yammer, or through our office hours

Q: How do I utilize the Office Hours?
A: Our "Office Hours" are scheduled times when you can connect directly with our support team for live help. Office Hours are updated and published monthly and https://bit.ly/Work365OfficeHours and are designed to give you immediate assistance or guidance you may need.

Q: How can I access the weekly training sessions?
A: We host weekly training sessions also called "Master Classes" covering various topics of Work 365 to help your team get the most out of our application. Details of the training sessions, including times and how to join, are available on the https://bit.ly/Work365OfficeHours.

Q: If I have a specific question or issue, how should I contact support?
A: Using our support alias or reaching out to your Customer Success Manager will be best course of action to resolve any technical issues.

Q: What If I need additional support that is not covered with the standard options?
A: You can always purchase additional paid support if you need any of these items Paid Ad-Hoc Services

Q: Where can I find the published documentation for Work 365?
A: You can access content at https://docs.work365apps.com or https://portal.iotap.com. We also conduct webinars with our users on relevant topics that you can find at https://bit.ly/Work365Webinars

Q: What is the typical response time for a support query submitted via the support alias?
A: Questions and support tickets submitted to our support alias will usually see a response in a couple of hours. However, officially speaking we have a published SLA that you can see below.

Q: How can I provide feedback on the support I've received?
A: Your CSM is your advocate and is the person responsible for the relationship. You may contact us at the support alias or during office hours.

Q: If we require more in-depth training or additional features, what should we do?
A: Should you need further training and support please contact your CSM to see if Paid Ad-Hoc Services may be a better option for you.

Q: Do you have a published SLA?
A: Our SLA can be provided on executing an NDA.