FAQ-Billing Contractual

Q: When does my billing and term start?
A: Your contract start date will be mentioned in your Order form. Its best to set the right expectations with your Sales team to confirm your start dates.

Q: Can we add more services or Billing Contracts if needed?
A: Yes you can add additional Billing contracts as needed. The pack pricing will be provided in your order form and contract. Any additions are prorated based on your payment terms. If you are paying Annually the pack pricing will be pro-rated based on the Annual billing Date.

Q: Can I change my plan during my contract period?
A:It is possible to upgrade your plans during your contract period.

Q: What do I need to claim a refund from the Microsoft CSP coop incentives program
A:You will need a signed order form or a renewal order form along with a Paid invoice to submit your coop claim and receive a refund. Create a Claim using -Customer Offers and Upload your signed order form and paid invoice. Navigate to Incentives->Coop Management

Submit claims under Market Development – Customer Offers
If the billing cycle listed in the claim has not ended at the time you are submitting your claim (as shown in the invoice), you are requested to add a note that confirms payment
Add “WORK365” in the claim name and description
Add "ADJUSTMENTS AND EXCEPTIONS 36467" within the comments section