FAQ-Getting Started

Q: Is there a trial version of Work 365 available?
A:We do not offer a trial. Work 365 requires training and installation. Work 365 is installed into your Microsoft tenant which generally requires provisioning a new Dynamics tenant or installation into your existing Tenant which involves coordination with your IT team. You will need administrative privileges to complete this process. Your sales consultant will be happy to provide you as many demos as you need. You could also join one of our weekly demo sessions that are published on our website.

Q: What are the prerequisites for installing or setting up Work 365?
A:To setup or install Work 365, you need to have an active Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. You will need a System Administrator to install and configure Work 365 within your Dynamics environment. You will need to provide consent as a Global Admin to authorize the Work 365 application.

Q: What are the Microsoft Licenses required to run Work 365?
A: Work 365 Requires Dynamics Sales Enterprise License. Often our users will have access to the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement SKU which also includes the Sales Enterprise license. You can also find additional information in the Prerequisites for Installation document. To run the Self-Service functionality a Power Pages portal license is required.

Q: What are the languages supported in Work 365?
A: Work 365 has three main areas for language support - 1. The Core application 2. The invoicing languages and 3. The self-service portal. This article Language, Region and Internationalization Support provides specifics on the language support within the application.

Q: Does Work 365 support multi-currency and automatic currency updates
A: Work 365 has multi-currency support. However, currency tables are not automatically updated. Exchange rates for currencies would have to be manually updated.

Q: Do I need a separate instance of Power Platform or Dynamics to install Work 365?
A: It is recommended to install Work 365 into your existing Dynamics 365 Sales tenant. Installing Work 365 into a different tenant would mean your users who use Dynamics 365 every day will not realize the benefits of product pricing, visibility into subscriptions and services that are provisioned for customers, billing history and renewal management. Subscription Revenue grows through a Team sport where sales, customer service and billing teams all have access to the same customer data to enable the compounding, upsell and maintenance of the recurring revenue.

Q: Can I install and test Work 365 in a Non-Production or Sandbox environment?
A: Setup of Work 365 in a Non-Production environment is possible and will require additional services and investments. Our sales and services team will provide you guidance on this. In some cases an installation without configuration can be quick to verify that your existing apps and customizations are not impacted by Work 365. However, a complete test of all the configuration settings is time consuming and most development and test environments are not at functional parity as Production environments. This leads to spending time and testing scenarios that may not come to fruition in a Production environment. Testing an application without understanding its capabilities thoroughly or in isolation of business process flows leads to confusions and rework. Leading you down a rabbit hole Our users will setup a non-production environment after they go live for the purposes of testing upgrades, additional customizations and configuration changes.

Q: How long does it take to setup and install Work 365?
A: Work 365 can be installed and setup within an hour. Once the application is installed it is ready to use! You can setup subscriptions, contracts and start billing. However our users invest a bulk of their time during implementation- importing subscription data, reviewing pricing, integrating Work 365 to other systems and training with their implementation consultant on their usage scenarios. The quality, quantity and complexity of your data and processes are important factors.

Q: Can Work 365 handle different billing models?
A: Yes, Work 365 is designed to support various billing models, including one-time billing, recurring billing, usage-based billing, and more. It can accommodate complex pricing structures tailored to your business needs.

Q: What information do I need to gather prior to my kick-off?
A: Our implementation team will like to know what systems you are currently using

  • Accounting Systems,
  • CRM and PSA systems
  • Payment Systems.
  • Where and how you maintain your pricing,
  • Your comfort level with Dynamics CRM,
  • Your current processes around Quoting, Provisioning of changes and Billing
  • The Providers you currently use and our planning to use