Tiered Products (Enterprise Plan)

In Work 365, users can create tiered based products which enable SKUs to have pricing tiers based on the quantity of a subscription. This gives flexibility with the product pricing in that pricing can increase as the quantity on a subscription increases, or the reverse scenario where pricing can decrease the higher the quantity is on a subscription.


You can define Tiered products in the catalog. The billing for Tiered Products is only Supported in the Enterprise Plan

To set up a tiered based product:

  1. Go into Work 365 > Product Management > Product > Add Product
  2. Note tiered bundles can be set up as well.
  3. Add the product name
  4. Unit Group should be Subscription
  5. Default Unit should be monthly, annually, or quarterly based on preference.
  6. Decimals supported can be the standard 2

  1. Billing Type should be Tiered (this is what makes this a tiered based product)
  2. Provider: This will vary based on the sku
  3. Product Class: this will vary based on the sku
  4. All the other fields are based on preference.

  1. Hit save.


Be sure to publish the product if it’s in a drafted state.

  • Once the product is created, click on the Rate Cards tab to add pricing.
  • For these tiered products, instead of using a standard price list or price list items in Dynamics, Work 365 has an entity call a “Rate Card” which will be added to the product. These rate cards are essentially a dedicated “price list” specifically for the product, and the prices are defined by the pricing tiers created within the rate card. Refer to this article on setting Rate Cards.
  • If the rate card(s) has not been created yet, create them using this Tiered Rate Card guide as a reference.
  • Note that more than one rate card and rate card type can be added to the product. The below example shows a Block Rate card, but another rate card could be added as a block unit rate.

  • On the subscription then when this product is added, instead of a standard selling price per unit, the system will add the Rate Card.
  • If there is only one rate card available on the product, then this will be added by default on the subscription.
  • If there are multiple rate cards available on the product, then a user will be able to chose which rate card they wish to apply to the subscription.
  • For details refer to this article: Tiered Subscriptions