Payment Profile

Payment Profile is the instrument used to make a Payment. A Payment Profile record is created when

  • A Payment Profile is entered using the Direct Entry
  • A Payment Profile is requested through through application (sent via an email)
Field NameDisplay nameDescription
work365_paymentprofile_nameNameThe name of the custom entity
work365_paymentprofile_paymentprocessorPayment ProcessorPayment processor associated with account.
Read about Payment Processors
work365_paymentprofile_paymentinstrumentholderPayment Instrument HolderContact
work365_paymentprofile_processorcustomerreferencePayment Processor Customer ReferencePayment Processor Customer Reference number
work365_paymentprofile_paymentprocessorreferencePayment Processor ReferencePayment Processor Reference number
work365_paymentprofile_isdefaultIs DefaultDetermines if this the default payment profile or not
work365_paymentprofile_profiletypeTypeClass of payment instrument associated with this profile like credit etc
work365_paymentprofile_lastidentifyingdigitsLast Identifying Digitslast few digits of the payment instruments
work365_paymentprofile_expirydateExpiry DateExpiry date
work365_paymentprofile_paymentprofilerequestlinkPayment Profile Request LinkStores the link of the payment profile request
work365_paymentprocessoridUnique identifierUnique identifier for entity instances