Invoice Line

Field NameDisplayNameDescription
isproductoverriddenSelect ProductWhether the product exists in the product catalog or is a write-in product specific to the parent invoice
productdescriptionWrite-In Productproduct description to identify the type of write-in product included in the invoice
descriptionDescriptionAdditional information to describe the line items of the product
work365_invoiceproduct_line2Line 2line 2
ispriceoverriddenPricingWhether the price per unit is fixed at the value in the specified price list or can be over written by users
work365_invoiceproduct_istaxableIs TaxableIs product taxable
priceperunitPrice Per UnitPrice Per Unit of the invoice product. The default is the value in the price list specified on the the parent invoice for existing product
work365_invoiceproduct_costpriceperunitCost Price Per UnitCost Price Per Unit
volumediscountamountVolume DiscountDiscount value of the price per unit. Configure volume dicount in the prooct catlog in the setting area
quantityQuantityquantity of the product included in the invoices' total amount
work365_invoiceproduct_actualquantityActual QuantityActual quantity of the line item
work365_invoiceproduct_includedquantityIncluded QuantityQuantity
baseamountAmountShows the total price of the invoice product, based on the price per unit, volume discount and quantity
manualdiscountamountManual DiscountManual discount amount for the invoice product to deduct any negotiated or other savings from the product toatal
work365_invoiceproduct_lineitemdiscountpercentDiscount (%)Discount (%)
work365_invoiceproduct_poplastdatePeriod of PerformanceThis field calculates the duration and value of service for each billing period. It divides recurring costs by the number of months covered by the subscription.
TaxTax amount for the invoice product
Cost AmountCost Amount
Margin PercentMargin Percent
Extended AmountShows the total amount due for the invoice product based on he sum of the unit price, quantity, discounts and tax.


Field nameLogical name
PSA System Idwork365_invoiceproduct_psasystem_idPSA system's Id
Name in PSA Systemwork365_invoiceproduct_psasystem_nameinpsasystemname updated on the PSA
PSA System Last Synced Onwork365_invoiceproduct_psasystem_lastsyncedonDate on which the PSA systems was last synced
PSA System Connectorwork365_invoiceproduct_psasystem_nameName of the PSA system connector under Integrations