Create bundles from existing subscriptions in an existing Billing Contract

This article will explain the steps to follow on how to create bundles from existing subscriptions in an existing Billing Contract


Performing this setup requires the following:

  • Dynamics 365 User with a valid Work 365 User Role

Time required

The setup process is expected to take approximately 15 minutes in total

Additional Notes


If there are plans to perform this for multiple Billing Contracts, it is best practice to first create a product in your Product Catalogue to reuse.


This product that will be created will not be a bundle product but the skeleton to perform this task for multiple Billing Contracts. For all new purchases of the bundle, use a pre-bundled product from the Product Catalogue.


  1. Navigate to Work 365/Product Management/Products
  2. Click “Add Product”
  3. Name the Product in a way to easily identify the product for this scenario. Ex: “Bundle Product for Existing Subscription”
  4. Fill in the appropriate information as usual
  5. For Product/Additional Details/pricing information, enter the total selling price of the bundled child products. From the example below the selling price is $36
  6. Navigate to the Billing Contract/Subscriptions (Example below)
  1. Add “New Subscription”

  1. For the “Product” data field choose the product earlier created. Example: “Bundle Product for Existing Subscription”
    9. For the “Quantity” data field choose the number of licenses. This should match the quantity of the existing subscriptions. Ex: Sub 1 has QTY = 1, Sub 2 has QTY = 1 and Sub 3 has QTY = 1. The quantity for “Bundle Product for Existing Subscription” should be 1.
  1. 📘

    The child subscriptions cannot have different quantities from each other.

  2. Enter the remaining required data fields of the “New Subscription”. Take care to enter the proper “Effective Start Date”. Save the record. (Example below):
  1. Now that the parent (holding subscription for the children) has been created, it should look like the following:
    1. 📘

      Quantities are all the same and the “Selling Price” of the Parent Subscription totals the amount of the child subscriptions.

  1. Add the child subscriptions to the Parent Subscription
    1. From the Billing Contract/Subscriptions. Select the child subscription and click “Edit” and a pop-up window will appear.
  1. Set “Billable Status” = “Non Billable”
  2. Set “Parent Subscription” = The desired parent subscription, Ex: “Bundle Product for Existing Subscription”
  3. Click Save (bottom right of the pop-up window)
  1. When you open the parent subscription and navigate to “Packaging & Add-Ons” the child subscriptions will appear:
  1. 📘

    When viewing the Subscriptions within the Billing Contract, Parent and Child subscriptions will all be listed, but only the Parent Subscription will appear on the Invoice. For future quantity adjustments of the subscription only adjust the Parent Subscription Ex: “Bundle Product for Existing Subscriptions”


Your bundle has been created