Product Catalog

Setting up the Product catalog along with Price Lists is the foundation for Sales and Billing Automation


A product catalog is a collection of products and their pricing information.

Considerations while setting up your Product Catalog

  1. Product can be Subscriptions (Recurring), One-Time Purchases(Non-Recurring) or Service based items used for Professional services.
  2. Its important to align your Product catalog with correct configuration to enable the different sales and billing models.
  3. Products can be priced differently for different markets, customer segments- this is defined by the Price List
  4. Units and Unit Groups must be correctly setup to enable to correct Pricing and Billing models.
    1. Subscriptions are configured with Subscription Unit Group
    2. One-Time purchases are configured with Each or Unit

A well-defined product catalog streamlines sales, provisioning, and billing processes

Work 365 supports:

  • Multi-currency support
  • Product bundling in the catalog
  • Streamline your quoting and sales process
  • Easily manage subscription price updates based on renewal dates

Products have the Billing Types in Work 365:

  • Non-Recurring: Used to configure the billing and provisioning of Non-Recurring Items (NRIs)
  • License: Used for Subscription based billing Subscriptions
  • Usage: Billed based on reported usage like Azure Subscriptions Usage Based Subscriptions
  • Tiered: For Products where pricing is variable based on Tiers for Tiered Rate Cards (Billing available in the Enterprise Plan Only)
  • Services: Used for Services( T&M) for Time Billing

Example to Configure a Subscription Based Product

Subscription Product:

  • The Unit group is a Subscription Based Unit