Other Microsoft CSP Items

Reserved Instances, Software Subscriptions, Perpetual Licenses & Marketplace Items

The Microsoft CSP program includes items such as Reserved Instances, Software Subscriptions, Perpetual Licenses and Marketplace items in addition to Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure items.

Work 365 invoices items based on how they are synchronized from Partner Center. The table below provides an overview of how the Microsoft CSP items are synched into Work 365 and consequently billed.

Microsoft CSP ItemSynced into Work 365 asNotes
Office 365License Based Subscription
Dynamics 365License Based Subscription
Microsoft AzureUsage Subscription + Consumption Data
Reserved InstancesLicense Based Subscription
Software SubscriptionsLicense Based Subscription
Perpetual LicensesLicense Based SubscriptionWith 'OneTime' Sales Unit. These are only billed once, even when attached to a Recurring billing contract.
Marketplace Items (License based)License Based SubscriptionSales unit depending on the term
Marketplace Items (Usage based)Consumption DataMarketplace consumption items show as usage data and are billed as part of the Azure subscription with which they are associated.