Q: How long does it to take to setup and install Work 365?
A: Once the Prerequisites for Installation are complete Work 365 can be installed within an hour into your target Dynamics CRM environment with the right resources and roles. Please refer to the Quick Start Setupguide.

Q: Can we build integration for our own Provider?
A: Yes its possible to build an integration using the Rest Based Provider for any custom Provider.

Q: What is the time commitment required and how much time should we plan to spend during the implementation of Work 365?
A: The amount of time required depends on the volume of data, whether you have custom pricing, and specifics needs. During the implementation phase you you should expect to spend 3 to 4 hours a week setting up the application and managing your data and meeting with your implementation consultant. Expect to meet with the implementation consultant once a week, utilize self-learning resources, attend office hours for any troubleshooting and training sessions and using the application to self-train.

Q: What are the Integrations available in the application?
A: Work 365 has native integrations in to the following types of systems.

  1. Accounting Systems
  2. Payment Processors
  3. PSA Systems
  4. Tax Services
  5. Providers

Q: Can I extend and modify Work 365 through customizations?
A: Yes Work 365 is developed on Power Platform. Work 365 can be customized using best practices for extending the application including adding new fields, forms, workflows, plug in and validation logic along with using Power Platform plugins. Similarly the Self-Service portal can also be customized. Its important to follow best practices when customizing Work 365 to ensure that future upgrades are not affected.

Q: How long does it take to setup and implement Work 365?
A: Work 365 can be installed and configured for use within a couple of hours. The application is ready for use at this time. Data imports, Integrations and end-user training consume the most of amount of time, depending on availability and coordination of schedules, complexity of target integration systems, and usage scenarios. Work 365 can be "Revenue Ready" in under 30 days, where you can see and view subscriptions, billing contracts and pricing for your services. After the data is in the system, you should plan to use the application to perform any real-world operations like setting up new customers, provisioning, and billing.  This hands-on usage provides the fastest time to value, as it is the best opportunity to learn the Work 365 application.

Q: Is there a plan or process we will follow during the implementation of Work 365?
A: Yes your implementation team will create a customized plan for your implementation based on the providers you use and integrations you need. The implementation team will share access to a project site for your team. In order to have a successful implementation it is very important to nominate a Product owner, Project Manager and the users. The Product owner ensures the Work 365 application is being used to achieve the strategic goals for the organization. The users are then trained on the specific functional areas.

Q: When can we expect to go live with the Work 365?
A: Going Live means different things to our users. Work 365 includes four implementation areas - Billing, Self-Service, Payments and Subscription Management. Most of our users are Revenue Ready within 30 days. It can take variable amount to time to fully implement all the different aspects of Work 365.

Q: Who is involved and required from our end to implement Work 365?
A: The implementation process involves your technical team to install the application, the business and sales team to help with customer data around pricing and sales process. The finance and accounting team review the invoices and billing best practices. The Product owner stays involved in the process to make decisions on changes to any of the sales and finance processes that may arise as part of best practice discussions. This page describes the different teams that are typically involved in during the implementation- https://www.work365apps.com/onboarding-kickoff/. Work 365 will create visibility across the entire organization.