My Agreements - Self Service Portal

This article will help you navigate and understand all the features and options available for My Agreements page on the Customer Self Service Portal

Access Level Required

In order to access this page, you will need to have one of the following roles:

  • Work 365 Administrator
  • Work365 Subscription Manager
  • Work365 Finance Manager

Additional Notes

The information here is only visible to users that belong to an authenticated tenant, meaning that you will only be able to see the agreements for the company you are currently logged in to.


This Agreements section will help you to quickly and easily access the information you need and to manage your agreements more efficiently. Whether you need to view the details of an active agreement or follow up on a pending agreement, this feature will give you the flexibility to manage your agreements with ease.

Agreements Dropdown

In this dropdow you will have the ability to filter and view your agreements based on their current status. You can choose to view your "Accepted agreements" which are the agreements that have been signed and are currently in effect or you can select "Pending agreements" which are the agreements that are waiting for your signature or approval.

Agreements Details

Here, you will be able to view all the important information related to the agreement such as the agreement name, account, provider, template, and more. You can also see the agreement description with all the detailed terms and conditions of the agreement. This page is an essential tool for managing your agreements and staying on top of your contractual obligations.

  1. Details
  2. Document attached to the agreement
  3. Choose a new document to add


If you want to add new agreements to this section please follow this article SSP - Agreements