Home - Self Service Portal

This article will help you navigate and understand all the features and options available on the Home page of the customer Self Service portal.

Access Level Required

In order to access this page, you will need to have one of the following roles:

  • Unauthenticated users
  • Authenticated user

Additional Notes

  • This site is just an example, the final product which may be customized based on your branding requirements.
  • Not all pages are available for unauthenticated users


Welcome to your self-service portal! This is your central hub for managing your account and services within Work 365. From here, you can access all the features and functionalities of the platform, including billing, services, agreements, and more. The home page provides you with a simple interface with access to helpful resources and support materials. The navigation menu on the top-right side of the page provides easy access to all the sections of the portal, making it simple to find what you need.


The header of the self-service portal is designed to provide users with easy access to important information and tools. At the top left corner, you will find your company's logo which serves as a visual representation of your brand. This will provide a sense of familiarity and trust for your users. To the right of the logo, you will find a navigation bar which includes a sign in option.


The middle banner is a prominent feature located in the center of the self-service portal's home page. It is designed to draw attention to important information or promotional content. It can be used to display a variety of information such as current promotions, upcoming events, important announcements, or featured services. Additionally, the banner is usually dynamic, meaning that its content can change depending on the administrator's needs, and it can be used to inform users of the latest offers and special deals.

Quick Access Links

They are designed to provide users with quick and easy access to the most important or frequently used sections of the portal, without the need to navigate through the main menu. This feature is intended to improve the user experience by making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Company Description

The company description section includes a brief introduction of the company, its founders and management team or the company's contact information.


On the left side of the footer, you will find the copyright information, which includes the company name and the year of the copyright. On the right side of the footer, you will find social media icons that link to the company's social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These icons allow users to connect with the company and stay updated on the latest news, products and services.