Private to Public

This article provides the steps to make your Self-Service Portal visible to your clients


Performing this task will require the following:

  • Portal Owner privileges

Time required

The configuration process is expected to take 5 minutes

Additional Notes

Make sure everything has been setup correctly before making your Self-Service Portal visible.


  1. If you see this message in your Self-Service Portal is set to private
  1. Navigate to: look for your Self-Service Portal's name and click on the menu options
  1. Click on Edit
  1. On the Popup window click on 'Open in Power Pages'
  1. In the new page go to the left-hand menu and click 'Set up'
  1. A new menu will show, click on 'Site visibility'
  1. Click on 'Public'
  1. On the popup window click on 'Set to public'
  1. Click on 'Sync' located at the top-right corner to save the configuration


Your Self-Service Portal is Public now